Consulting Services


I am happy to announce the launch of a new enterprise, private consulting for artists. I will be happy to provide services to support the development of your work and professional profile. Available services include:

  • Individual consultation and feedback on artwork
  • Evaluation and advice on artist's statements, résumés, and other written documentation
  • Assistance with application to juried competitions of varying kinds, through CaFÉ, SlideRoom, etc.
  • Help with using your smart phone and other tools to upload content to web site, social media such as Facebook
  • Portfolio and website consultation

While redesigning my web site I have learned a tremendous amount about how to construct your own space using template-based tools available on the web. I would be happy to assist you in creating your own web site, or to update an existing one, and will make my services available on an hourly basis to research and problem-solve any issues you may be having regarding formatting of images, uploading content, or design-related issues. While I am not a professional web designer, I have very strong computer skills and can help you find the information you need to solve most of your web design needs. If you need hands-on assistance I will also help with construction of the site, once again with my services billable at an hourly rate.

Rate structure:

Consultation and portfolio review, done in your studio $100 hr.,1 hr minimum

Web site assistance, construction and/or updating, using template-based web design program and photo editing software, $100 hr., 2 hr. minimum

My studio is located in Central Marin. I am happy to travel within Marin, with a 1 hr. minimum project. For travel to East Bay or SF I will add a flat fee of $50 per trip to the charge.

Please note that I do not provide photography or web hosting, you will need to arrange to have the work photographed in a professional manner and should also expect to pay a fairly nominal fee for a web hosting service.

If you are interested in working with me in any of these capacities, please contact me through the web site and we can discuss your particular needs and whether working together might be a good fit! I look forward to hearing from you!